what's it about?

Hi friends. 

Be quiet and say something is very simply a letter I wanted to write to myself, to every woman I've ever had coffee with or emailed with or passed in the grocery store. As I found myself smack dab in the tension of having passions, desires, questions, and longings with no perceivable outlet or even ability to encourage others. 

I think the Lord has given us all stories and voices for one explicit purpose - to make much of Himself. And as women, I think we have many many temptations to either be too loud and leave our names ringing louder than His in the ears of our hearers or we are far, far too quiet and disqualify ourselves from having influence. 

And this eBook is a mix of my story and what I've learned/am learning along the way. 
I pray it will bless you and we'll get to keep walking this road together.