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A sample from the chapter "The part where I grab you preciously by the face": 

I think the best words grab us underneath our armpits and yank us up higher and higher so we can finally see past ourselves and our lives and our days and to remind us of this: Asking IF there is something more to all of this – more to all of our lives — is one of the silliest questions we can ask.  Now, hear me – it’s one of the easiest questions to ask, and I promise I’ve muttered it under my breath or under my heart often. If our hours and days and months are filled with diapers, reports, jobs that barely pay the rent, school committees, and ministry meetings, I think our most natural response is to just cast our eyes down and question: Is there more to this life? Is their purpose to my own life? What difference can I possibly make? To anyone or anything?

My sister and I have a weird thing that we do. I bestow it to you today, if you should ever need to borrow it. If we have something important to say to one another – we grab each other by the face. It’s awkward. It’s funny. It makes you giggle in the midst of an important conversation. But it’s honest and sincere and we know – after the cupping of the face, whatever word that is about to come is a serious one. “Girl, your house is big enough.” “You absolutely CAN be a great mom to four children.” “You really should not joke about your husband’s hair in public.” “I love you with all my might, but you cannot wear graphic t-shirts anymore. You’re 30.” Those examples are all completely fabricated, of course. For the last seven years, my sister and I have lived in different cities, which means 97% of these conversations happen over the phone or Skype. So we say “imagine me awkwardly cupping your face right now”, and then we deliver the goods.

And that is what I’m saying to you now. Even though it’s awkward and you’re reading and we’re not in close proximity.
Imagine me cupping your face.